Monday Mailbag: SEC Media Days, Micro Aggressions, and Rapid Fire

Alright everyone. This Mailbag Monday thing is really gaining some momentum. Each week you all provide some fantastic content and I love it. I wish I could put more of your submissions in it each week but I do not have that much time (sports radio is soooo busy in the summer let me tell ya). Without further adieu, I bring to you, this week’s Monday Mailbag.

Tyler from Conway writes:

Hey John, love the show. I try to listen everyday but with work it’s hard sometimes. I know you go to SEC Media Days every year and with it coming up soon I have to ask about the behind the scenes stuff. I watch ESPN and SEC Network coverage of it all and it just shows the coaches talking and pundits reacting to it. What really goes on down there? What kind of stuff happens that I can’t see on ESPN or SECN? Thanks man!

Well I have only been to SEC Media Days the past two years mainly due to the fact that I have only been covering the Razorbacks for two years but I get your point. SECMD is like a vacation to me in a sense. I go down there, listen to coaches/players talk, do my radio show, and head out for the night to On Tap Sports Cafe & Brewery.

Between press conferences and what not there is not much that goes on. Sometimes though if there is a dumb question asked by someone to a coach we all make giggles over it. Especially if asked by a media outlet that I swear isn’t real. Seriously. There are credentialed people that wake up one day, starts a blog about SEC sports, and get into SECMD. It’s a joke. But it makes for a great punching bag the next few days.

On Tap is where the fun is at. Media members from all over gather and drink until the wee hours of the morning, telling stories and making comments that probably should never be repeated. What happens at On Tap stays at On Tap. Funniest thing was when we were all just yapping about how awesome we all were when suddenly a glass mug breaks on the floor silencing everyone. Then a girl not paying attention walks over that glass and slips and falls to the ground while her friend tries to help her up. Naturally, we all then busted out in the famous “S-E-C! S-E-C!” chant in showing of our appreciation. That sums up the shenanigans of On Tap during SEDMD. I’m sure I will have more stories to share this year.

Fake Mike Irwin writes:

Did you see that article this morning about the University of North Carolina giving guidelines on micro aggressions and what not to say? They can’t say they like a woman’s shoes because it’s shows they care more about their appearance than their intellect! When Trump is elected we are throwing these morons over the wall he’s building!

TRIGGER WARNING: You may actually be the real Mike Irwin by the way you’re talking. I hope so at least because that would mean Mike actually reads my stuff. 

But yes, I did read this article about micro aggressions at UNC. I laughed the whole time I did. Mainly because it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are. Especially at institutions of HIGHER learning. They are high on something because this is just pathetic.

UNC really thinks their staff should use caution when using the terms “Christmas vacation,” “husband/boyfriend,” and “golf outing,” due to these terms being considered offensive. GOLF OUTING?! Saying we are having a golf outing is now considered offensive. I mean…what are we doing here? If you use the term “golf outing” and someone comes up to you saying they are offensive…drop them. Just knock them out. I never condone violence of any type, but in this case I would make an exception. 

The complimenting of a woman’s appearance is straight clown shoes. By saying “I like your shoes” automatically triggers a woman to believe you appreciate her looks more than her brain. Essentially, calling a woman dumb. But people with college a college education in the administration of a major university saying complimenting a woman on appearance is offensive? Boy, that’s REAL smart!

I will continue to make fun of and call out stupidity like this until those of us in the real world are no longer offended by these pasty faced goons (see? I insulted their looks, therefore I value their intelligence more).

TJ from where ever writes:


First off, awesome show. Since I’ve never been asked to be on your show, let me ask you a few things in my Rapid Fire segment……

Elvis or the Beatles  Beatles
Favorite Spice Girl? 
Posh, I mean come on that’s easy
What’s one thing on your bucket list? 
Play at Augusta NationalStrangest thing you ever eaten? Cici’s PizzaDo you add onions on Sonic coney? Absolutely not. Bad breath can never happen
Favorite movie? 
Tough to have just one, but Shawshank Redemption is go t
Rate your top 5 all time FB coaches after Frank: 
Shoot. Saban, Meyer, Bear, B Bowden, Jimmy Johnson
Will Bret B stay longer than 7 years? 
Yes. I’m calling it at 9 years
Does MA get us to final 4 before fired? 
Greatest golfer ever.. Jack or Tiger? 
How hurt were you when you found out Santa Clause was your mom?
Not too bummed. Still got presents
Best Pizza in NWA? 
Whoever will pay me to say so, but for now Tim’s.
Best place watch FB on Dickson? 
Tough, but the new JJ’s I bet will be the spot
Favorite Ice Cream? You do like ice cream right?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
If you could put whoever on your UFC dream matchup, who would it be? 
Johnny Manziel vs. Cam Newton. No matter who loses, I win.
Taylor Swift or Barry Manilow on your playlist? It’s ok if they are!
Taylor Swift. No question
Do we get by A&M this year in Big D? 
Arkansas finally wins, but it won’t come easy
Home record in SEC football this year? 
Reece’s Cup or Peanut M&M’s? 
Peanut M&M’s. It’s cleaner
Dream interview…If you got one choice? 
Joe Namath.

I could go on. Thought it’d be fun to poke your brain a little.  Take care my friend. Fricking awesome show.


Bring it next week folks!


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